Spring Maintenance

Every yacht needs a proper maintenance plan in spring, in order to give you the best boating experience during the summer season. We therefore schedule your spring maintenance with you, according to your wishes of when you want to start the boating season in the following year. It is important that this service is scheduled on time.

The spring maintenance consists of basically the following items:

  • Thorough cleaning of the yacht
  • gentle polishing of the hull, the superstructure and the stainless steel elements
  • cleaning of the underwaterschip and applying new antifouling
  • replacement of the zinc protectors
  • cleaning and protecting the propulsion system
  • servicing the engines & generators
  • disinfection of all water systems on board as well as air conditioners
  • cleaning and application of protection to the teak decks
  • cleaning the canvas covers
  • cleaning of the tender and servicing the tender engine
  • checking all board electronics, eventual calibration of systems
  • checking all hydraulic systems - lubing and testing

This is the basic list of services, which should be done every spring in order to assure you a care-free season. Of course, all services needed will be determined exactly for your yacht, when scheduling the service.

Spring maintenance